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Turbonetics Open House

Had a  chance to visit Turbonetics for an open house and car show. The plant tour was pretty interesting, learned a lot about turbos, that’s for sure. Interesting fact, Turbonetics manufactures the turbos for the USAF U.A.V.’s. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the quality and tolerances that they manufacture their turbo’s to. They are definitely a top of the line manufacturer.

With out further a due, Here’s what you guys want to see anyways, the pics!

This is a shot of the huge line of Camaro’s that were there waiting to register for the show.

They had a complete mock up of there single turbo setup on an LS3 engine for use to see at the beginning of the tour.

This is a bunch of turbo housings they had sitting waiting to be assembled. The housings are cast off site and then brought to their main plant for machining and assembly.

If any of you guys have ever wondered what the inside of a turbo looks like, here it is. They’re actually a pretty simple design at the heart of it.

If any of you guys are curious about how a turbo actually works, here’s a nifty diagram:

If you guys want an in depth explanation of it, this article is great reading:

At the end of the tour we got to see this little display, it shows the wide range of turbo sizes they make. The smallest is the turbo used on the UAV’s and the largest is used on some Cummings diesel.

Interesting fact, some of their turbo’s are capable of running over 100 pounds of boost! I know right, that is crazy power. Of course your talking about high end ceramic journal bearings, advanced oiling systems and a whole lot of $$$ for that.

So, here’s the eye candy. I warn you now though, Explicit car porn follows. Not for the faint of heart. This first pic is one of Turbonetics racing cars. It’s a turbo’ed 4-cylinder Scion TC that makes crazy power!

This next car is probably one of the nicest Camaro show cars I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. It’s the Alpine Camaro car. On top of rocking an insanely nice custom paint job, it has a full blown custom interior that consists of a 2000 watt alpine sound system among other things. As far as the exterior, it has the ACS custom ports on the front clip and is skirted by the Fessler-Moss body kit. It’s rounded out by a very nice set of HRE wheels, and of course the Turbonetics turbo kit putting done a nice 614 hp.

Savini wheels had a pretty strong presence there. The first pic is of a Lamborghini they had there (sorry didn’t get much information on it). The second pic is of a nice super charged Ford GT that is putting down 650 hp which makes a car that light and nimble insanely fast.

You all should easily recognize this next one. It’s the actual bumblebee car from Transformers 3. It was there on lone from Paramount studios. Absolutely beautiful car. The carbon fiber work is immaculate. But, typical movie tricks, the door handles, side vents, and hood vents are all not real. Amazing non the less though.

This Camaro is a 67′ SS that has been completely built for autocross. It has a wicked nitrogen gas coil over suspension system. It is also twin turbo’ed and puts out a stunning 1000 hp. WOW….

Now this car, was definitely the most impressive car there performance wise. As a matter of fact it’s a complete work of art and has performance that surpasses that off even the super cars. It’s the 2010 SST Camaro built by Nelson Racing Engines. If you guys aren’t familiar with them. They build some of the most prolific racing engines out there. So here’s just a few of the specs on this car:

  • Built twin turboe’d LS7 engine
  • Dual Fuel Cells so the car can run both pump gas and racing fuel.
  • Full racing spec 10 point roll cage.
  • Complete Racing suspension
  • Custom built Tranny and driveline with solid 9″ rear axle.

This car puts out an unbelievable 1500 hp. It’s absolutely a beast & I for one would love to see this thing run the 1320′.

This next Camaro just had some amazing body work done to it. It has the full Bomex hot wheels wide body kit and custom carbo fiber hood. It’s also sitting on air bags with 22″ shoes.

Hurst had their SS Camaro their:

And of course last but not least, I have to shamelessly whore some pictures of my car in the show.


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