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Cooper S / John Cooper Works Coupe

While pouring through the mass amounts of media and automotive news today (like I do everyday, I know, I have a problem). I came across this little (quite literary) nugget of automotive fare. This should make all of you Mini Cooper fans giddier than a fly in a manure farm. Apparently Cooper has been working on a new sport coupe concept for a while, however they’ve been teasing they’re loyal fan base and not letting them see what the little guy is going to look like… At least until just recently, that is.

It should be quite the fun little car to drive as it will be available in all the standard engine options the U.S. Cooper fan base has come to be accustom to. The John Cooper Works option should make for some real spirited driving with it’s turbo charged 208 hp power plant which should make this pint sized pinto seem more like a thorough bred that’s just been given meth-amphetamines. This diminutive dart should definitely be a mod’ers dream as it will be offered with a plethora of different options including 3 different wheel sizes and 9 color options that include 3 different contrasting roof color options just to name a few.

What caught my eye was it’s appearance. At first glance I was like “WTF!” But after a few minutes of sitting around scratching my head and starring at the screen like a monkey at the zoo trying to figure out why the 5 year old is licking the glass, it began to grow on me. It’s donned on my that it’s actually quite an ingenious design as they managed to gain a very sporty look with out departing from the classic Cooper styling. So I find myself oddly enough kind of appreciating it’s styling. It’s almost as if it’s your first beer while growing up. At first you think it tastes like your old gym socks that have been sitting in your locker for months to long. So you pledge to yourself that you’ll never touch it again as long as there is breath in your lung and swear it in blood. But, the next thing you know your waking up with your pants on your head lying on a park bench with a half eaten pretzel in your hand and no idea how you got there. Yah, it’s kind of like that.

So, with out further a due, I give you the Mini Cooper Coupe, in all it’s miniature glory so that you may form your own opinions on it’s looks. I urge you to leave your own thoughts and comments, as I am morbidly curious to here the public’s opinion on this midget mover.