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Subaru BRZ Concept to be at 2011 L.A. Auto Show

Rumors are circulating that the Subaru BRZ concept will appear at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. If true this will be the first time the concept has been seen with real sheet metal on it. In the past all Subaru has shown is a see through mock-up of it. The BRZ is a sports coupe that Subaru has been in joint development in with Toyota. The sister models of the coupe have already been seen as the Toyota FT-86 and Scion FRS. The 3 cars are expected to share most of the same body lines with each having its on face representing the respective model.


New Scion FR-S Concept Car.

So I stumbled across this the other day, It’s the new Scion Concept. I’m really hoping this eventually goes into production, because it’s one of the nicest concepts I’ve seen. Here’s a blurb from what motor trend had to say about it:

   “The rear-drive AE86 Corolla, a model fondly regarded by sport compact enthusiasts, served as the inspiration during much of the FR-S’s development. A key difference is the Subaru-sourced boxer engine, instead of the AE86’s purely Toyota inline-four.

   Speaking of the boxer, most of the underpinnings and the 2.0-liter boxer engine for the FR-S were codeveloped with Subaru, which is building its own version of the car. The engine has been updated with both port and direct fuel injection, which Toyota is calling DS-4. Official power figures have not been released, but Toyota claims increased power and torque throughout the operating range without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Reports have suggested the engine could produce as much as 200 horsepower in normally aspirated form.

The car is suppose to make it’s market debut in “the winter of 2012”. We’ll see. Love the body lines on it. My only issue with it is that it’s styling is a little to close to the Toyota FT-86 Concept. I know it’s the same company and all. At least they improved on it.

Here’s the FR-S Concept:

(Click on the thumbnails for the larger image.)

This is the Toyota FT-86 concept car for comparison.